Natal - Endless beaches, Dune buggys, our ranch ...

Natal has dozens of sandy, white beaches; Ponta Negra and its famous Morro do Careca, Tabatinga - the cliff of dolphins, Pirangi, Redinha, and Jenipabu with its famous sand dunes and dune buggys.

This makes it a very popular holiday destination, as the endless beaches and wonderful amounts of sun, sea and sand are explorable by many means. Dune buggies are a unique, fun driving experience and many visitors are likely to treasure their memories of zooming around the dunes in one. After a few months planning on, hotel sites and packing suitcases, finally reaching Natal feels like a holiday victory in itself. Looking at that dune buggy, they're right to celebrate.

Tourism is the most important industry of Natal, attracting Brazilians, Europeans and Americans. In recent times Natal has grown quickly, but in a planned way (compared to other major Brazilian cities); transit flows smoothly, public services are well distributed, ecologic conscience is visible; violence levels are low. Tourists (first Brazilians, more recently foreigners) discovered the city, which has became one of the major tourist destinations in Brazil. 

See a complete Dune buggy trip, with wild dune ride, on our Google video  

At the Mall, finding unique souveniers for family.

A local artist designed this fish for us. She burns the wood with a tool then paints.

Our Ranch, outside of Natal

At the ranch we talked with the next door neighbor who is advising us on landscaping and what types of fruit and vegetables to plant. We already have many fruit trees. For some of the fruits, we don't yet have an English translation! There is an enormous Mango tree in the front yard that produces 1,000's of mangos; bananas, goiaba, pineapple, papaya and much more - A vegetarian's paradise. To cap it off, there is a river that runs through our ranch. See below.

Boys in the neighborhood Jim and neighbor More Ranch pictures on Google. (click) The pirangi river at the lower part of the ranch.

More pictures and stories coming soon

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